Kia Ora whanau! We woke up at 0700 hours this morning when we experienced our first refreshing mineral spa in the ocean! Chores were quick and easy and breakfast went down well. A few lessons on chartwork, buoys and beacons and tides were taken in well by our trainees, then it was time to stretch our legs.
We walked from Totara North all the way to the top of the Dukes nose where we enjoyed an astonishing view overlooking Whangaroa Harbour. With tired legs and empty bellies we made our way back down to the Western Wing of the harbour where we were greeted by the ship and 2 stranded yanks. Our team arrived just in time to rescue their stranded dinghy to send them happily back on their way. When we got back on the ship we enjoyed a delicious meal of macaroni and cheese and some steamed mussels, yum!

With the sun shining and plenty more daylight ahead, we raised our anchor and left the Harbour for a quick dive on Fossil Rock. Josh and Clare got in the water here to help us in the hunt for Crayfish. With an hour in the water searching around we managed to find one decent cray when we decided we should try a new place. Heading around the corner now in towards Mahinepua we stopped off Flat Island for our second dive. Ducatti, Kaden and Tyrone joined Josh and Clare for this dive. Searching around the rocks for another hour we couldn’t find what we wanted although we did have a nice encounter with some dolphins passing through.

We are now anchored in Mahinepua for the night where we will enjoy curried sausages for dinner.