And we had yet another sunny day aboard the R Tucker Thompson. We had all slept soundly anchored off Motukawanui Island. Up bright and early, we went through our regular morning routine. A few brave souls earned their Turk’s head anklets today: they are, Shaquinah, Rewakaa, Angel, Mereana, Tiana, and Waitaha. The other trainees were keen but it was lesson time! Soon they will have their chance. Today’s lessons covered tides, weather, and the rules of the “road”.

In spite of the chilly water, Wayne and Nate took 8 trainees along for a dive – four crayfish met their demise on that dive. Everyone came back for a pizza lunch, and after that we weighed anchor and headed for a small bay north off Matauri Bay, called Putataua Bay. While captain Steve stayed aboard, Kyra, Wayne, and Nate took all the trainees up to the Rainbow Warrior Memorial and for a walk on Matauri Bay Beach. The Frisbee and rugby ball were thrown around and everyone had a good time. Back aboard at sunset, we got the ship ready and are now sailing toward Whangaroa Harbour under a starlit sky.

Day 3