Day 3 was an amazing day! We awoke in the beautiful Cavalli Islands. Chores got done, breakfast was eaten and once dishes were done, we were ready to tackle the day. Our trainees were given the challenge to find the best crayfish dive spots. This was followed by a special treat. Esther and Rhiannon not only baked delicious brownies but a chocolate cake as well, to be enjoyed by all aboard!

Then it was time for a second dive, at Hamaruru Island. This dive was very successful as the crew caught some crayfish – what a treat! Adam caught a snapper and an eel as well.

Rhiannon, Isabella, Philippe, and Rory climbed the rigging and reached the end of the yard arm – way to go! They each have earned a Turk’s head bracelet for their achievement.

Then it was time to head north to Whangaroa Harbour where we spent the night. This was a very full day, enjoyed by all!