Kia Ora all you landlubbers!

It’s nearly 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we’ve had a very full day and it’s not over yet! Everyone aboard was thrilled to see the sun peeking through the cloud as they stepped on deck this morning. Though it was a little harder to brave the cold water, everyone eventually made it in and out, some even went back in and out again! Our usual morning routine out of the way, we headed ashore for a short walk to stretch our legs. Back aboard, we weighed anchor and headed for Deep Water Cove. Nearly half the trainees decided to go for a dive with the crew, while the others relaxed aboard. There was a great variety of fish to be seen. After a hearty mussel chowder and some of Captain Steve’s famous bread, we weighed anchor once more and headed out to sea. Destination: the Cavalli Islands! It’s windy out here, but comfortable. The sails are up, and the boat is well heeled over. It took a little while for the trainees to get used to the motion of the ship, and there have been a lot of laughs as a result. It was very exciting when a pod of dolphins swam along the R. Tucker Thompson for part of the journey, and most of the trainees piled up on the bowsprit for a close-up look at them.

A puff pastry is being made in the galley – Shania and Taysia are both helping Captain Steve in that delicious endeavour. The other trainees are on deck with the crew enjoying the sail north. I hear Holly and Bex singing with gusto on deck. Every once in a while, more voices join in.

Once we reach the Cavalli Islands, we hope to try fishing for a while, and depending on the conditions, we may continue on to Whangaroa Harbour, or anchor at the Cavalli Islands.

(We are sending you this update now to let everyone know that all is well aboard, as we are not sure we’ll have reception later this evening.)

Day 3