Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers…! At 0700 we were greeted with warmth of the sun and a light breeze as we all participated in our refreshing mineral spa that washed the sleep from our eyes….. Breakfast time hot porridge, brown sugar and toast went down a treat after dishes we got the anchor up and steamed for Roberton with Steven at the helm, upon arrival we geared up in our diving atire and went for a splash while Terri and Cheyenne climbed the top of rigging well done sailors.

Then we were off once again to explore the islands under sail braving light drizzle and moderate winds with all sailors enjoying the taste for adventure…….Fish and chips awaiting thy sailors upon arrival to our destination …ABANDON SHIP was the call from the skipper as trainees jumped into action practicing drills in case of real emergencies ….5 minutes flat is our time to beat… this achievement was celebrated with a hot choc and brownies well done team..!!

Knot, navigation, and VHF lessons and a game of charades kept all trainees happy and now its time for tea.

All is well, everybody is warm happy and cheerful………………

Orokawa Bay is the overnight anchorage, safely out of the wind and wild weather.