Greetings landlubbers! The last 2 days have been quite wild. It all started yesterday morning after our morning swim, chores and breakfast, we headed for our big adventure around Cape Brett. The wind was gusting 30 knots, the swell was pumping in at 2 meters, and the rain was. . …..wet!  Such a miserable day. With only the foresail set and preventer, we battled the northerly winds to get us around the Cape. A long, long rolling journey this was, but we eventually made it safely around where we found a nice sheltered bay to try our luck at fishing.

The seasickness had worn off by then so all of the lines were in the water. Meanwhile, Puke and Wayne went for a little dip in the sea to try and find some Crayfish! Unfortunately we had no luck with the fishing but the boys did come back with a nice cray! With everyone exhausted from the day we headed to Whangamumu for the night where we all had an AMAZING sleep.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blue sky to greet us for our morning swim. Chores were done and dusted, all of our wet washing was hung out to dry and breakfast was demolished. We set the tender and Little Tuc into the water where we made our way to land! The Whangamumu Whaling Station. We had a good look around at the history then went up to the waterfall where Tui, Bonnie, Brenna and Alexis had a nice shower to wash their hair. We then made our way over to the hill to the beach so we could use the net to catch some bait. Sadly we had no luck so we made our way back to the ship for some brownies and hot chocolate.

Keen for some more fishing we raised the anchor and headed around the corner to see what we could catch. Bonnie caught the first keeper, a nice snapper and Puke got the second keeper, a nice pigfish. Max and Wayne jumped in the water here for a look around and saw heaps of awesome sea life including Eagle Rays, Morays and Paua! No Crayfish though. Moving on now we set the Mainsail, Foresail, Headsails, Topsails and eventually the Course sail down towards Whangaruru. We stopped for a little bit more fishing in the entrance but still have had no luck. Into Whangaruru Harbour we go where we have anchored for the night looking forward to dinner!