Good day to you all from the good ship R Tucker Thompson! Once again, we were tucked into a spot with no reception, so you are receiving this update a day late.

We arrived in Whangaroa Harbour (Waitepipi Bay) under a starry sky, but we woke up to a milky fog the next day. Our surroundings were a mystery, but that didn’t stop us. Once our morning routine was out of the way, The trainees piled into the dinghy with Kyra and Wayne and headed for the Duke’s Nose while Nate and Steve took care of some boat maintenance.

It was pretty eerie making our way to shore, but soon we were on solid ground and climbing higher and higher. The last stretch of this hike consists of a chain you grab onto as you scale a rocky cliff. When we neared the top, the fog looked like a thick blanket over the surrounding landscape. We watched from above as it slowly dissipated and we eventually returned to the bottom of the moutain with the sun shining overhead.

Back in the dinghy, we went exlploring up a shallow waterway with the dinghy. Along the way, we sighted a few stingrays and a variety of birds. Everyone was famished by the time we returned aboard. After lunch, it was time to head out of Whangaroa Harbour for Stephenson Island to try our luck at fishing. Lo and behold, we had luck! Fishing became catching – with Angel leading the charge by catching not one but two fish! William caught another one, while Steve and Wayne caught a couple more each. Many of the trainees were keen on fishing, but ended up catching undersized fish, so back in the water they went. Once we made it back to Whangaroa Harbour, we had fish and crayfish for dinner under the stars. By the end of the evening, we were all exhausted from a very full day. We fell into our beds as the moreporks quietly hooted in the surrounding hills. I don’t think any of the trainees heard them.

Day 4