Day 4 brings an early morning departure through The Man O War Passage and final goodbyes to Great Barrier, If only we had another week to stay and explore.! The “Guest book” at Smoke House Bay revealed, a few secrets and weary sailor tales even a mention from the visiting Spirit Of New Zealand only a few days before.

With darkness well n truly behind us and sunshine upon us,and Tutukaka now only 15 mile off and with this steady 22 knot Sou Easterly we should reach our calm haven within afew hours… Our fierce Captain Steve holding a firm grip at the helm and answering all those wonderful questions from our relentless Trainees (they reckon they have all grown beards it’s been such a long trip!) All Trainees were up with the crew early this and eating heartily-a good sign!

First time at the wheel and a bout of sea sickness later,Ambrossa came to life bringing The Ship through the Tutukaka pass, her head barely above the wheel! Job well done!

Finally anchored up in Pacific Bay and our chores out of the way we were able to get some much needed shore time, with the sun out and cricket set in hand …and a well deserved bag of lollies we were off!