Day Four was an early affair as trainees were up and on deck, a good 15 minutes before wake up time… But all were eager and keen to get into the water – or perhaps for the hot shower after?

We set off from Pipi Bay, and headed out through Albert Passage, and made a beeline for the Hole in the Rock. We set the main sail,  fore sail, and head sails. Our plan was to head for Whangaruru!

We got out of the bay and met the long lazy 2meter swell, making life a little bouncy. Everyone was in good spirits, and after we were visited by a passing Fullers Boat, we gave them a show in raising the head sails! Wicked! We headed off, with trainees lazing about on deck, keeping entertained by “fising”, many kinds of fish were caught, and many interesting items were also caught… Very entertaining.

We arrived in Whangaruru safely, welcomed by a chilly breeze… Trainees set about to go swimming – crazy I reckon, but they had fun! We decided to go on a little bit of an adventure up the Harbour, and see what we could find, 9 trainees and 3 crew off adventuring in the tender, all good fun, and many laughs were had.

We are currenty anchored up in Whangaruru for the night, everyone is warm and happy, and eagerly awaiting dinner, I am sure. There is chattering coming from the saloon, and the girls are busy creating us a Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding for later, yum!