Good day landlubbers! Did you miss us?

Our apologies, we were without reception in Lane’s Cove (Whangaroa Harbour) and forgot to let you know ahead of time. You must be wondering about our day 4! Well, it was fantastic! We woke up surrounded by the beautiful cliffs that hug Waitepipi Bay and more sunshine. There were lots of smiling faces to be sure. Maybe it was partly due to Captain Steve’s kindness: an extra 40 minutes of sleep!

The morning swim and chores out of the way, plus a hearty breakfast later, it was time for lessons. The trainees learned about beacons and buoys, and the importance of weather and sailing. Filled with new knowledge it was time for a bit of fun: Many of the trainees jumped in the water, via leaps and swing rope. There were many spectacular jumps, as you can see on the photo. What you are witnessing are the fearless Tegan and Taysia showing off their moves. Lunch was served, including Orca’s creation made with yesterday’s catch – raw fish and kahurus with lemon juice and coconut cream: delicious!

Then it was time to get on land and test our stamina. Captain Steve dropped crew and trainees off at Totara North, and after a little scenic detour, we found our way down the track all the way to Lane’s Cove. Not a hike for the faint of heart, it was beautiful, muddy, and wet. We all made it back aboard in one piece. Bex, Holly, Orca, Trae, Sam and Steve went to collect pipis, while the rest of us aboard prepared for a BBQ ashore – lamb chops and baked potatoes. A couple rounds of Pukana under the stars later, we all headed back aboard to lay our tired heads on our pillows. Day 5 was going to be an early one (and a special one), but we’ll tell you all about it in the next post. (We hope you can bear the suspense!)

Day 4