Today was a fantastic opportunity for the trainees to display their new found skills. The ship was part of the Bay of Islands Walking Weekend and tasked with taking 22 walkers out to the islands for a walk and guided history tour. An amazing opportunity to learn about the history of the area that is the cradle of our nation. Clare and Josh just soaked up the stories regaled by our informative guides. The walks on Roberton Island and Moturua ended all to quickly and it was time to return our precious cargo back to Russell. The wind gods were in our favour for the first time in the voyage and we all enjoyed a fantastic sail with all set back into the shelter of the inner bay.

That mission complete we headed out on a hunter gathering mission to see if Rob’s fabled long line could live up to its reputation. Leaving that to soak we sought shelter behind a near by island and did some drop line fishing whilst we waited. Well guess what ! We soon had a ten pound snapper flapping on the deck. Just as well as the fabled long line failed to sparkle producing nothing but a very upset shark.

That completed it was quick sharp to the Te Puna Inlet to go watch kiwi birds in the wild with Kevin our guide. The location is a well known kiwi hot spot but with our crew smashing and banging around like elephants on a rampage we went home leaving that as a mission to be completed for yet another day.


Mission of the day, diving the White Reef. This reef in Deep Water Cove is alive with fish as the whole bay is now a marine reserve. The fish here are so numerous that there is hardly enough water left in which to swim. The Porcupine fish is always a favorite as it puffs itself up into a comical ball and pulls strange faces. As for the crayfish all our trainees were left wondering what could have been as Rob showed them this gargantuan of the reef. Sorry no take here, otherwise it would have fed a family of 10 people.

Last night on anchor was spent in Oke Bay, one of the ships favourites. No fish caught here though so we all had to console ourselves with a beautiful roast dinner instead. Oh the sailor’s life is hard.

Our voyage is almost complete and I’m sure a few tears will be shed at the wharf tomorrow as new friends and shipmate go their separate ways. Bring on the voyage reunion !!! Dates to be posted on the Tucker Thompson web pages.