Nga mihi mahana kia a koutou katoa!! Well the sun is shining today and the ships clothes lines are covered from bow to stern. It is a welcome warmth the sun brings, as the slight southerly wind has quite a bite. There has been enough of a breeze for us to sail today, so after the moring swim, chores, and breakfast, we planned our passage out of the Bay.
Connor and Sam made light work of unfurling the topsails, before we ventured out into the rock and roll. With full rig set, we passed around Cape Brett at midday..Madi and Toenga enjoying the bowsprit and the residual swell from the big blow on Thursday…
Ryan was confident in the steering, so, as we rounded ‘The Brett’, it was all hands on deck to lower the sails, and we motored into the head wind, making way into Outu Bay, one of the all time favorite spots for a fish and dive. Secluded from the swell, we but baited hooks in, and a small amount of luck came our way…Madi, Toenga, Steve and Wayne went off for a very fruitfull dive, coming back with a few delicious treats for our lunch tomorrow!

Tonite we stay at Whangamumu Harbour, slowly making our way down the coast to meet you all on Monday. Po Marie whanau….