Greetings once more from the R Tucker Thompson!

This morning, Captain Steve indulged the crew and trainees with an extra hour of sleep. After our long day yesterday, everyone was grateful for the treat. Our morning routine and chores done – the trainees learned about buoys and beacons and participated in planning our passage back to the Bay of Islands.

Nate and Wayne then took the trainees out to do a beach clean up and afterward, they piled back into the dinghy to explore further into the harbour. After their return, we prepared the ship to set sail. As Waitaha steered us out of the harbour, Lyla climbed the rigging and with some coaching from Lucas and Kyra, she made her way to the end of the yardarm and earned her Turk’s head anklet. The other trainees decided to wait for the boat to sway less: that is, for a protected anchorage.

We are now sailing south toward the Bay of Islands as I write this. We will arrive in Whale Bay some time in the next two hours. There is a light breeze, all the sails are up (except the Gaff Topsail) and we are sailing at an average speed of 5.2 knots. There is lively chatter on deck and Wayne is singing while cooking our dinner. Another fine day.

Day 5