We had a great sail to Whangamumu with the sun coming down and all trainees up on deck having loads of fun getting to know each other and talking about their different lives.

Michael and Michelle made a great dessert of apple, fejioa and pear crumble (which I have to say is my all time favorite) and dinner was eaten early up on deck with a great sunset as a back drop.
Mita and Jaelyn got into a bit of fishing and a carpet shark was caught much to the amazement of all the trainees. Morning swim was mentioned a few times though!!!

We caught up on a few lessons that evening then it was time for bed. We had been up since 4am and although everyone was on a huge high there were many sleepy faces.
Before bed we did our usual highs and lows with most trainees saying the snorkeling and the dolphins were the highs for the day. Captain Steve then announced a few points scored that day. Points going to Leon and Mita who had been helping the crew and other trainees all day, Michael who braved the heights and furled topsails despite wobbly legs and Zoe who did best dolphin call.

So total tally of scores at the end of day 4 are all very close and are as follows:
Pompallier 14
Opononi 13
Otamatea 12
Kaitaia 10
Dargaville and Whangaroa tie with 8.

It’s a close competition and at this stage and anyone can still win with 3 more days to go!

Everyone slept well and were ready to go in the morning. Captain Steve had offered extra points for the morning swim if groups swam around the ship! So at 7am precisely and with trainees sleeping in their togs a surprise 1st went to Kaitaia followed by Opononi, Otamatea, Pompallier, Dargaville and then Whangaroa. Everyone swam around the ship for extra points. Well done to Jessica and Ngature!!

It was a wonderful sunrise this morning in the mouth of Whangamumu harbour. Everybody had enjoyed their morning swim and chores were done quickly and breakfast wolfed down.
No one had been to shore since day 1 and all trainees wanted to go to the beach. Whangamumu has an old whaling station and a beautiful waterfall so it was the perfect place. Mita was the only one brave enough to get into the fresh cool waterfall.

Everyone felt much better after a run a round although some experienced a bit of land swaying after spending so much time at sea. It was straight onto another challenge with me being promoted to Queen and the trainees rowing me around the ship in the dinghy. A crown and sceptre were made especially for the occasion and Captain Steve officially promoted me to Queen. There were different strategies with some rowing, some using the ship and others pulling the dinghy around. Everyone was pretty puffed at the end and competition high.
Otamatea came first with great technique followed by Dargaville with a surprise second, then Whangaroa, Kaitaia, Opononi and then Pompallier.
Well done to Michelle and Michael!!

After the trainees enjoyed a good lunch of lasagne and with one of them unfortunately throwing most of the cutlery overboard by mistake, when rinsing the dishes, we headed out to do some fishing.
A fishing competition then began! Some huge snapper were immediately caught and everyone thought they were in for a chance. However, after the first flurry the bites stopped coming and eventually we called a stop. Nathan caught the largest snapper and came first with Jaelyn catching the largest kahawai.

We have 2 big things today, it’s Leon’s 16th birthday and Jessica and Ngature have made him a huge chocolate birthday cake and it’s also mothers day. So a BIG Happy Birthday to Leon, celebrations to follow, and for all the mothers and family reading this blog I have messages for you from the trainees.

“Happy Mothers Day Sheree” from Nathan
“Happy Mothers Day mother” love from Jessica 🙂
“Happy Mothers Day mummy! P.S I caught 3 little fishies today!” lots of love Zoe xox
“Happy Mothers Day mum. Sorry there’s none of us there, none of us with you.” Ngature
“Happy Mothers Day! I’m having a good time and Dad you should be jealous! I got over my seasickness and I miss you all” lots of love Annick 🙂

To all the other mothers and family who may or may not be reading the blog your children wish you a Happy Mothers Day too!!!