From the good ship R Tucker Thompson, another day of battling the elements and making the most of the breaks in the weather. With heavy rain at day break we changed the morning swim to a grass slide at Urupukapuka Bay, not as successful as hoped for as the sky cleared, conditions proved less than favourable. Oscar had some good form with Eddie taking it on and Hunter sliding his way through remnant sheep droppings. We soon altered the plan to a beach clean up, all searching for the smallest piece, a reasonable collection from a near empty beach then back on board for a short passage to Motuarohia and lunch.

Ashore to new land, the lookout was spectacular with weather all around us, pleased not to be in the outer bay with a heavy swell and not that much wind. Analiese confirmed that Wayne’s estimate of the amount of steps was well out. The trainees were soon scouring the beach for the smallest kina and most unusual find, the Frisbee flying and rock oysters shelled. Isabella and Hana had the smallest until boisterous play broke their collection and they saw their chocolate fish swim away.

Day 6