Once again the sun was shining for our early morning swim. Chores were a breeze and breakfast went down easily. Our trainees made the passage plan to what seemed to be a good fishing spot just outside Whangaruru, although when we got there we still had no luck! To lift our spirits Kylie made a scrumptious seafood mornay consisting of crayfish, scallops and fish, all caught by our own hands.

With the anchor now raised, we set the mainsail, foresail and headsails to make the most of the South-West, 20 knot winds. Through a bit of sideways rain and 30 knot gusts we made our way down the coast towards Tutukaka. The sun came out for our safe arrival into the harbour where we set the anchor for our nights stay.

With a bit of sunlight remaining we thought we would explore the hills to the top of the lighthouse. A long, steep and muddy track lead us up there but when we made it to the top, the view was well worth it!
Back on the ship now we are just about to enjoy a pork roast for dinner then custard for dessert. We look forward to seeing you all at Marsden cove tomorrow! Safe travels!