Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers…… we awoke this morning in Whangamumu to the most beautiful sunrise and clear skies with Simone and Emma first in the water beating Wayne for the first time this trip.

As soon as chores, breakfast and dishes were over, we hauled anchor and set sail around the corner to explore the unchartered waters we had stumbled upon the previous day. With all trainees wearing multiple wet suits, we boarded the long boat in search of a place to start our adventurous dive….  making our entrance at the start of this swim through cave, upon entry the cold water rushing down the inside of our wet suites was enough to put smiles on all the trainee’s faces, as we swam through the cave to the other side seeing all sorts of aquatic life Kina, Red Moki, Angel fish, Snapper and the odd Paua just to name a few.

Now the chills have set in was straight back to the mother ship for a warm shower and a hot chocolate, whilst we were gone Kylie had made us Pizza for lunch for all to enjoy as we now journeyed to the famous hole in the rock and around to Deep Water Cove for another quick scenic dive on White Reef where all trainees admired a Puffer fish that went into defense mode once he spotted us.

We are now in Oke bay having a spot of fishing, Simone caught our first and biggest legal Snapper Liam and Dylan both caught decent sized Porae.

What a day it has been!