Day Five and we awoke to the chilly air of Whangaruru. Morning chores were done without any complaints. It was decided that we go for a walk around the headlands of Whangaruru, so off Kylie, Ash, and the trainees set off ashore at Picnic Bay and set off on the walk. 380 odd steps later, we arrived at the lookout above a black sand beach, and it was pretty impressive from the lookout there too. We set off back down and back up a hill, and reached a paddock with many cows, and bulls in there, the bulls looked rather menacing from where we were standing, but they were really quite placid and walked off. After a bit of excitement attempting to avoid these bulls, we arrived back on the road, gravel, and hills, made a long tirieng walk back to Bland Bay where we were getting picked up from in the dinghy. 

Back on the ship, it was time to stow everything away safely, and leave the calm of Whangaruru Harbour behind, and head off home back to the Bay. On our journey North, we spotted off the Port side of the ship, a fin, what could it be? – Turns out we got a sighting of a shark, everyone that was asleep before hand all curled up on deck in their sleeping bags, suddenly were looking over the side of the ship at this passing shark. We also saw a passing pod of Orca Whales, as we were nearing Cape Brett. It was spectacular to see such amazing mammals, so close to the ship!

Back in the bay and we headed off for a bit of early evening fishing before anchoring in Waipiro Bay for the night. One fish was caught, but nothing else was produced apart from a lot of bites.

We anchored up in Waipiro Bay, and Richard set off in the dinghy with Janna, who left the ship last night, and to pick up crew member Wayne! With Richard and Wayne back on the ship, an awesome dinner of Lamb Stew produced by Dena, Claudia and Lyal was served, also a Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Icing/Custard type sauce for dessert.