Sunshine!!!!!!! Finally a sunny warm day to go exploring!!! It was up early today, and straight into chores, brekky, and off to Deep Water Cove… Our morning swim happened in the form of a dive on white reef, amoungst the fishes and kina galore. The clarity in the water was good, considering the wild weather for yesterday.

All the wet washing came out to the clotheslines, and we the warmth on skin was embraced full heartedly..
After our dive, we set sail around Cape Brett, and into the dingy for an explore in The Hole In The Rock!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Elise and Ginny went for a climb to unfurl the tops’ls, with a lot of morale support from those on deck.

After our awesome lunch, we set sail again, out of the bay. Tonight we will be staying at Whangamumu, we will go for a walk up to the waterfalls, which should be pumping, Levi thinks he’s in for a shower…bbbrrrrrrr…and a stroll around the beach and old whaling station, and finally Lil Tuk gets her debut, a bit of sunset rowing races should be a bit of a laugh..