Kiaora everyone!!! We have had another great day today onboard the good ship. Cramming in as much as possible while the weather is good, everyone is getting right amongst it!

We have travelled far and wide around the bay today, out to the famous ‘Hole in the Rock’ for a bit of a ride through in the dingy, the swell giving an exhilarating ride through and stirring up the sea enough to see schools of trevally and kingfish feeding, a fantastic sight.
The wind was very light so we have only a few sails up as we motor along, over to visit the Waewaetorea Cave. It was on our way across the Bay, we managed to hook up a beauty sized Skipjack tuna and a kahawai! Awesome!!

There was lots of squeeling, and excitement through the cave and the warm sunlight on the otherside, a welcome sight. Wowo continued his endless gathering of kina whenever the oppourtunity came. After the swim, a superb lunch of soup and scones was served by Barry, and a whole huge pot was cleaned up by the hungry bunch.

We had the afternoon crossing the Bay, and anchored up at Rangihoua. There was a bit of time for a shore excursion, Lil Tuk had her debut and Cassy and Wowo took a row to shore with Mandy and Tim having a crack at the rowing a bit later on. Paige and Clayton had a go at climbing the rig, with great success, and a lot of letting everyone know how scared they were!

Our weather is due for a change tomorrow, with rain and thunder squalls forecast, so there are plans for a bit of proper sailing and a hopeful attempt at catching an elusive kingfish, maybe a lesson in bread making from Uncle Steve and some inside games.

Tim would like to say a huge happy birthday Mum! U rock, I love you and can’t wait to see on Saturday xx

p.s thanks also for all the other whanau comments coming in, the kids love it, makes them blush!!!