Kiaora everyone. We are well into the swing of things onboard The Good Ship. Its been a busy couple of days now that we have got through all of the lessons, its been time to get into some more adventures and sailing. The weather has really picked up today, so we are tucked up in orokawa bay, with the anchor firmly set in the mud.
Yesterday we woke at Oke Bay. After the swim, chores and breakfast, we weighed anchor and headed off to Piercy Island, Hole in the Rock. We set the mains’l and the fores’l despite there being light winds, and motor sailed all the way. We were blessed to see a humpback whale and its calf in by deep water cove, making their way out to the deep sea. We also spotted a small shark, which gave everyone the heepee jeebees.

We headed over to hole in the rock and cathedral cave.. the wind picked up over the time we were there, so when everyone got back from their excursion, we set some sails, and in a strong Nor’westerly, we blasted back to the bay. Young Shaun and Hannah went up aloft with Rob to set the topsails, their eyes as wide as dinner plates when they came back down.
No-one got sick on the sail, despite the moderate sea state, and the motion of the ship.
Once back in the shelter of the islands, Marsha cooked a us the BEST lunch of crumbed fish, mussels, and potato cakes, and chips, with some home made aioli, delicious. The converted seafood eaters loving every moment….
We parked up at Paradise bay for awhile and Steve and Kylie went for a dive to try find some scallops. Returning with a mere handfull, the sun began to get low in the sky, so we made our way to our nite anchorage, Orokawa Bay, where dinner was served early, and we all settles into a few games of cards before bed. Harmony and Maia, and Taylor are doing an amazing job helping Marsha in the galley, and the food has been one of the highlights this trip. I’d also like to mention, the assortment of musicians onboard, Brendon and Kurtis have been a constant source of entertainment and mood enhancers, and the girls have taken to sharing songs in the dark, because they are shy.
Today, Saturday, began with a fairly strong breeze, building and building to a relentless 30 knots. It was a bit of an ordeal to get all in the water this morning due to the chill and lack of sunshine. A hearty breakfast of spaghetti on toast warmed up the cockles of the hearts, and set us all up for a trip to Motuarohia, Roberton Island, for a trek up the hill top to the look out. We spent quite a bit of time on the beach, treasure hunting and jumping around, then headed back to the ship. We uped our anchor, and set a reefed fores’l and the inner jib, and had a fantastic sail back to orokawa bay. All the trainees now well familiar with the ropes, it feels great to work as a team to get our Good Ship moving.
We are parked up safe and sound in the bay, Maia and Harmony are making dinner, and everyone else is relaxing and playing cards and music, the fishing wasn’t happening because all the fish have decided it is way too windy to come out of the safety of their homes, to jump on our hooks……..