As the sun set on another full day the trainees were getting tired but it was only early so another knot tying lesson was called on. I have to say all trainees have mastered our basic 5 knots in just 2 days and are now onto anything else they can get their hands on.

Jaelyn and Dahna were busy in the galley making their dessert and after dinner we had the big taste test. There was none left at the end and it was chocolate based so it had to be a big hit. I hear that it’s Michael and Michelle “M&M’s” turn tonight. The Edmonds cookbook is in full use this week!

So Captain Steve had good news and bad news for the trainees last night. The good news was there was no anchor watch but the bad news was that everyone had to be up at 4am. We were off to the Poor Knights! Hooray!!!

With that news we were all in bed by 10pm and it was a bleary eyed lot that got up 6hrs later. It was a dark but still night at Mimiwhangata when we awoke. Steve had safety officers Michael and Michelle checking the engine before we headed off and Leon and Mita were the only ones brave enough to head up aloft and unfurl the Topsil’s in the dark.
We set all sails as we headed out and the wind picked up the further we got. When all sails were set the trainees were allowed back to bed for another hour, however, Jaelyn, Michael and Leon stayed up the whole time.

The competition was put on hold today with an adventure day planned. No morning swim but everyone was keen to snorkel at the K nights!

At 7.30am everyone was up and chores were done underway, followed by breakfast up on deck. A few trainees suffered a bit of seasickness but most seem to have found their sea legs!

It was a beautiful morning as the sun rose and the Poor Knights looked invitingly at us. By 10am in sheltered waters we went snorkeling. Most trainees went in and were totally amazed at the marine reserves diversity of fish life. An experience none of them will forget.

After soup for lunch we started to head back to the mainland. We set the sails again and headed for Whangamumu. With the weather set to change it was good to make the most of the warm sunny day.