After lovely night’s sleep on the tranquil waters of the Whangaruru harbor a mission was mounted to blaze the Puriri track.

The trainees hardened now by yesterdays excursion collectively decided that shoes were not cool !! Well it was all looking good until the 380 steps were encountered and a bit of gravel track. Oh, then the moaning started. Harden up was the call! A little further along a muddy pasture provided the entertainment complete with lots of cow pat landmines. Plenty of brown goodness oozing between the toes. But no moaning though, that just goes to show how therapeutic cow poop can be. Simone or (Monzi) was in her element here and showed the others the way to go.

All trainees except two have now climbed the rig. The remaining two aim to earn their turks head bracelet tomorrow. Looks like Kylie will be busy knotting all the arms and legs.

A beautiful sail brought us to Whangamumu harbor were a fish slaying was the order of the day. The fish clearly where not in on this plan and totally stood us up!

The dinghy excursion to an uncharted creek was great. A ten pointer stag was spotted peering over the ridge at us!! Closer inspection later revealed the beast to be a tree.

Tomorrow we will be heading around Cape Brett. Maybe a few showers to come, but that’s not going to dampen the spirits onboard…