Well, it’s been another wet and wild day today. It was a stormy night, last night, and the ships’s anchor held strong in the sticky mud of Orokawa. There was still a fair gale when we woke for our swim, so needless to say, it was a very quick dip in the sea this morning. We made a shore excursion to collect some pipi and stretch the legs, all rugged up for the cold wind..

After a decadent morning tea, we weighed anchor and set out for a peek at the wild sea. It was a howling headwind, and in tawhirimateas jest, it started to pour with rain as soon as we bought the anchor up. Most of the trainees took off down below, but Ginny and Elise, Samuel and Matiu braved the weather and hung outside for awhile. We got into the lee of Roberton Island, bore away, and set the inner jib. This was enough sail to get us moving, a lovely 5knots, downwind, following seas and stormy greyness all around. Beautifull!!!

It took us about 45mins to round the corner into Parekura Bay. We lowered the sail, and planted our anchor into the mud just outside Waipiro Bay. The rain just kept on coming and coming. So down below deck we went, to a lovely lunch and hot drinks.

Our afternoon was spent doing a few lessons, and then a few group games. Spirits are still high, despite the weather, and we are all looking forwards to it clearing up, so we can get outside the bay next few days for a huge sail, swim, explore, and a good shake out of the cobwebs.