The rain eased and the sun shone, almost, as the good ship left Marsden Cove and headed out on the blustery harbor. First port of call being Urquarts Bay where we had a beautiful hot soup to ease the winter chill. The first personal challenge was the climb to the top of the rig, A few shaking knees but fantastic to say almost everyone managed that with ease. Ok that’s too easy ? How about a march around a mountain with Rob? No problem! Harry and Kaipo even scaled the roof of the various gun emplacements on route. Even more impressive was the number of swimmers when we returned to the ship.I wonder if they will still be keen for the 0730hrs swim in the morning. Full marks, also for Simone who was the only one to remember warm clothing for the abandon ship drill. 4 min 21 sec to clear the ship. Good time.
Looks like we will be in for a fun week then. Tomorrow we will head up the coast to Tutukaka. We can’t wait to see what the ocean holds in store for us.