Today blossomed with blue sky and sunshine, much to everyone’s delight and a bunch of 12 young sail trainees turned up for a week out on the seas, on our good ship. This youth voyage is our second to last one for this year, and it is our Duke of Edinburgh voyage also!

So we set off from Opua Wharf, with the sunshine beating down on us around midday. We started off with the marvellous ‘name game’ everyone remembered and forgot names, but everyone was in good spirits, which is great to see!

We were heading to Motuarohia Island for a lunch, which was wafting up nicely from the galley, making all our tummies grumble, lunch was vege soup and wonderful cheese scones, cooked by our cook for the week, Kylie! We spent a while there, basking in the glorious sunshine that was beating down on us all, as everyone was enjoying life onboard and settling into their new home for the next 7 days…

So off we set from Motuarohia Island, and headed out into the bay to do our Man Overboard Drill with Fred the ball, but you see, Fred didn’t want to partake in this M.O.B drill, and decided to play a little game of hide and seek with us all, but we found him eventually, and made him be our M.O.B, and he was retrieved successfully!

Off we headed, to Orokawa Bay, which is where we are staying for tonight. Once we were anchored,Β  we prepared ourselves for our routine Abandon Ship Practice Drill, with that done, Richard, Nick and Steve set about filling our brains with masses of knowledge!

As I write this, Kylie is busy in the galley cooking us a wicked smelling dinner, which is Hamburgers and chips and all that good sort of food!! The trainees, are spread about the ship, up on deck, rowing around in Little Tuc, sitting in the saloon playing cards, and chatter and laughter echoes throughout the ship!

Everyone is happy and settling into life aboard our Good Ship, the R. Tucker Thompson. Check back here tomorrow for another update of our adventures and fun we will be getting up too! – Word is, is that we are going to go for a sail tomorrow – woohoo!!