Day one of Youth 1312 – our last voyage before maintenance headed off from Opua today, with 9 sail trainees hailing from all over Northland. With Richard as captain, and an all girl crew, it is going to be a great week. We set off from Opua, and headed out into the bay, everyone seemed to be in good spirits as we played the name game, and went through the orientation of the ship. As we rounded Tapeka point, a nice swell started rolling through. We arrived at Roberton for lunch of hot vege and meat soup.

Captain Richard decided due to this beautiful weather, a beach walk was in order, so off we all set to the shore, a nice climb up the hill up to the lookout, showed us the beauty of the Bay of Islands. Back to the ship, three of the girls decided to swim back (apparently it was pretty chilly…) All back on the ship, dry and warm, a man overboard drill was practiced, and it all went well, and all was retrieved from the water.

We have had a lot of monkeys today climbing up the rigging, and making it out onto the yards, and some challenging themselves.  We have set some sails, and been waring ship getting the trainees used to the lines and the feeling of sailing…

I believe we are staying at Paradise Bay for the night, and have Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner! Will report back tomorrow with more adventures and fun!