Well it is nice to be back home in the beautiful Bay of Islands, a first for many of our Trainees and they are loving it jumping from the famous Tucker swing, swimming and snorkling in the clear waters of Army Bay, anyone would think its summer the way these guys are carrying on!

We bid farewell to Richard today at Otehei where a big flash Great Sights boat picked him up taking him back to Paihia where he will wash and tumble dry before he embarks on his own journey across to Vanuatu with friends and family, big hugs and fair winds Rich, we have all enjoyed your company! The weather has certainly been kind to us this trip taking us to the Barrier and winds turning around to bring us home,and when the wind isnt blowing we have that good ol easterly swell reminding us that we are still at sea

We’ve had fun today, Oscar and Ben got to spend time fishing on Lil Tuc after years of not seeing each other, (they shared with us that they were old buds from way back!) Lorna also took to Lil Tuc with her life jacket and oars, a new experience for her . Brittany, Kev. Taylor, Aiden,Cheyenne and Lorna made human pyrimids up at the old bunkers with the sun setting over looking the magnificent Bay of Islands…… then running down the hill rolling in the long grass like a bunch of 8 year olds laughing all the way, makes me want to join them!!Meanwhile on board Nicayla, Ambrossa and Honey are all fished out and have surrounded the Captain demanding he teach them every single knot there is in the book! and how to splice! …And put cleaned up the galley and… put dinner on!!

Soooo all in all its been a (another) full on day aboard The R. Tucker Thompson …We’ve picked anchor now and we’re heading to Jacks Bay for the night with Ambrossa and Aden at the helm discussing which route to take. I think everyone is happily exhausted and ready to settle in for our last dinner together of roast chookie, with the works of course!