Kia ora te whanau. Our last full day is nearly over and it has been just as exciting as all the others. We awoke this morning to clear blue chilly skies with a mirror flat sea. Our young crew, now hardened seafarers, dived in without hesitation or fuss, finished their duties and were waiting for breakfast in record time. Now with breakfast scoffed it was “ what are we gonna do now”. Captain Richard suggested dinghy races around the ship, and this mob, being highly competitive, jumped at the chance. Oh what a race they had. First pairs then singles. Many doughnuts and much heckling later the winners emerged. Tayla and Josh for the doubles and Simone for the singles. Beating Shogun (Wayne) by 1 sec.

On Waewaetoria the brave attempted the cave. It was a bit knarly and much squealing was heard before the light at the end of the tunnel was reached. However as all were suitably kitted up by now we headed off to mussel rock on a seafood mission. Lunch was quite the kai moana extravaganza with all the fish from last night on the bbq.

A spot of drift fishing at the entrance to or night anchorage produced no keepers so its roast for dinner instead once all the lessons are done.