Day Six, our last full day on board. We were kindly let off our morning swim, and instead of morning swim, we set off for some early morning fishing. With breakfast eaten on the go, and no such luck of catching any fish at the first two places, we set off to do some drift fishing, we were able to catch a few fish whilst drifting, but nothing worth keeping.

Ash was in the galley busy creating pizzas for lunch, along with a few helpers! We set off with pizzas on the go, and lessons up on deck, off to Rangihoua Bay and Wayne took the trainees across to Whale Bay for an adventure while Richard, Kylie and Ash followed along behind in the ship, meanwhile Ash had been busy again creating a banana loaf!

We were all back safely on the ship, and headed off to “No Peg Island” in amongst the Te Pahi Islands. Our mission was to find a peg on this no peg island, and what did we find?! Blake found half a peg… I guess that is something of a peg, so it is now “Half Peg Island”, we also set across to Turtle Island, to see what sort of matter we could find, behold we found multiple pegs, a plastic toy dog, and all sorts of different types of shells, and rock formations!

We set off back to the ship, with Kylie at the helm, we made our way down the Te Puna Inlet which is where we are currently anchored now for our last night on board. Wayne, Kylie and a couple of the trainees have set off in the dinghy searching for Flounder, and there are a few of them attempting to climb out to the end of the yard arm, in order to get their Turks Head Bracelet/Anklet. The smell of roast pork coming from the oven. We will see you all back at Opua Wharf tomorrow afternoon around 2pm!