The trainees had a great birthday evening, including a birthday cake made by Jessica and Ngature and toffee apples made by Christine and Nathan for the pudding challenge.
The evening celebrations went on until 10pm and then it was time for bed. With the wind picking up tomorrow was set to be a big day.

The trainees were up before 7am and waiting for Captain Steve to open the sea gate and let the swimming competition continue. Everyone jumped in together but Opononi were first around the ship with Otamatea a close second then Dargaville,Whangaroa, Pompallier, Kaitaia. There was a bit of a traffic jam on the way round which caused some mayhem!

The trainees were then washed and into their chores. They are well into the routine of things now! After breakfast the ship was packed up with everything stowed securely before we headed out and around Cape Brett. With 50 knot squalls and heavy rain everyone was up on deck and in wet weather gear. Half the trainees had a good ride on the bow sprit with whoops of joy before it got too rough and everyone headed down the back of the ship. Most trainees sat at the back and dozed or watched with amazement as the waves crashed on board the deck and the ship rolling with each wave. It was pretty rough out there and all trainees dealt with it extremely well.
It took us a bit of time to punch into the wind and around the cape but once there we steamed ahead to Whale Bay.

It took us 5 hours to get there but onced anchored the smiles were from ear to ear. A true adventure on the high seas! Well done everyone!
Since most trainees had emptied their stomachs on the way, there was some very very hungry kids waiting for lunch. Frankfurters went down a treat and then it was time to dry out and tidy up before heading onto the next challenge. Rowing!

Everyone had had a good practice so the competition was high. With lots of encouragement from everyone each group made it successfully around the ship in record times. Opononi came in first with 1.05 minutes followed by Dargaville and Otamatea joint second then Pompallier and Whangaroa joint third and then Kaitaia just missed out with 1.36 minutes. Well done Leon and Mita!

Everyone is now practicing their monkeys fist for the throwing challenge which will now take place tomorrow as the sun is going down and everyone has had a full day.

So scores at this stage stand at:
Otamatea 49
Dargaville 38
Opononi 37
Whangaroa 32
Pompallier 29
Kaitaia 26

Otamatea has a bit of a lead but there are more points to be given for the day and more challenges tonight so there might be a big change tomorrow.
Quizzes and skits still to go tonight and points for lessons have yet to be awarded!

Kylie has now managed to get the roast pork into the oven and Annick and Zoe are the final trainees to do the pudding challenge. So a big and final night still to come!