Another lovely day in paradise!…..Greetings from the good ship to ye land lubbers. The start of the day began as the rest of them did, with a nice refreshing mineral spa to wash them sleepy eyes. It was blowing about 20knots and visibility was down to about 100m…Once wide awake and energized, it was straight into daily chores and a hearty feast fit for kings.
After dishes it was time to sit around the round table for lessons, consisting of identification of buoys and beacons, rules of the road, weather and tides summed up with the famous Tucker Quiz. Raven and Rupert tied in 1st place…sharing the precious chocolate prize….

With a break in the weather the order was given to haul anchor. We steamed back out into the bay, as the wind wasn’t in our favor for sailing. Olly, Maia, Phillip, Shayna and Jonte had a exhilarating ride on the bowsprit through the massive swell produced from the winds the previous day, giving them a thrill they have never witnessed before….. Once out in the depths of the middle grounds, we turned the ship around, setting just the fore sail and the course sail for Motuarohia Island. We had a fantastic cruisy sail of about 5knots, down the mellow slopes of watery goodness. We arrived into Twin Lagoon Bay and were treated to a surprise as we went down stairs…. Piping hot pizza’s for everybody was the call from master chef Rob.P1050506
Once our tummy’s were filled, we piled into the long boat to explore the shores of the twin lagoons, and to climb to the summit of Motuarohia to observe the picture perfect scenery that our Bay has to offer. once we had descended from the lookout, we explored the rock pools, a very wet exercise for some….Mia, Oliver and Rupert taking up the challenge to swim back to the boat with Raven and Rozalyn joining them half way, followed with encouraging words from Saxon and Layla following in the long boat close behind… Once aboard the good ship it was time to be Tarzan from the swing with Isaiah jumping from the third rat board a personal best for him…well done mate….
It is the famous Tucker roast night tonight so it’s time for a kai. We will be holding the ‘phoenetic alphabet challenge’ after dinner, so the ship is awry with the sounds of alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, …….ah the sweet sound……..

**************Saxon and Raven wish their mum a very happy birthday and wish they didn’t have to miss it.