Yesterday, day three, was mainly spent out of reception for the blog upload, so here it is, a twee bit late……..
Wow!!! It really feels like summer is on the way. Day three onboard, and we are settling into a comfortable rhythm in the morning. Everyone was up super early, with the sun, and in the water for a dip, it was easy because the sun was warm and the sea was glassed out from not one breath of wind, not a single cloud in the sky. We were like a bunch of basking seals, preening and soaking it up, warming the bones.
After the morning chores and breakfast, we chugged thru a few lessons. We then uped anchor and made way to Te Pahi Islands for a spot of fishing,, and some of us keen beans went for a dive. The morning just drifted away so quickly, and by the time the divers returned, there was a bucket of kahawai and some bait fish, mainly thanks to Ollie (Stanley), so proud of his catch.
Marsha and Harmony made the most awesome apple shortcake for our lunch, with seafood chowder and pumpkin soup for 2nd lunch further in the afternoon. I think she may have converted a few non seafood eaters, cause fresh is definitely the best,!!
We left Te Pahi early in the afternoon and steamed our way across the bay, still barley any wind. Everyone still basking in the sun, gloriously! To The Taniwha cave we went! Ah ha! That changed the mood!! Dark and cold, the water was. Slimy and myserious the cave was, then what was that! A huge Ray, the kaitiaki of the cave got a bit of a fright at its peace and quiet being broken by the screams of 12 unsuspecting youth. Marsha was buzzing as the ray stroked her leg as it went shooting out of the cave…Everyone was so brave!!!
Oli and Marcellus, Shaun, Harmony, and Bess had the hugest bomb session off the side of the ship. Some awesome fear facing moments as they pushed up and up to the next step of the shrouds. The feature photo is of Bess, taking a leap of faith from very high up. Good on her for showing the boys up…
Tonite we are at blissfull Oke Bay, ganets have been bomb diving all around the boat for the last hours of daylight. Lil Tuk got a blast this afternoon, now the trainees have learnt how to delpoy her into the water, and some great team work has been building amounst everyone with all the dingy expeditions, diving and beach excursions over the last few days….