Good morning!

It was a treat to wake up and see where we were yesterday. After the voyage across to Great Barrier Island in the dark, and anchoring tentatively at Mohunga Bay, the wake up and swim yesterday was a treat. Uncle Steve has forgotten his watch, so we snuck a bit of a sleep in.
Upon our morning sojourn, we passed through the Man o War Channel, out into the sea, looking for a place to fish. As far as the eye could see, the sea was covered in birds, feeding, hunting, and resting. We made our way out to have a look, maybe a chance to hook a kingfish, we come across a huge pod of the wee common dolphins, feeding in the frenzy. The sea was boiling with life, and amongst it…. 2 more humpback whales!! Everyone was out on the bowsprit, as we bobbed around, nature at its finest happening all around us. The dolphins joined the bowwave for a free ride and a hello, then darting off to catch their morning breakfast.

We continued our journey, along the rugged coastline, and anchored up in a place to catch some fish… Alisha got a beauty snapper, and steve and rob both caught something for the pan, all in all, quite slow fishing.
As the day progressed, we made our way to Smokehouse Bay, All the trainees hunter gathering some fire wood for a bonfire. Such a hospitable bay, with a bath house, swings, 3 smokehouses, and a huge camp fire set up for us to cook our dinner.

We feasted into the evening, on hot potatoes cooked intheir jackets, fresh fish, sausages, and the finale, campfire cooked crayfish, boiled to perfection, eaten hot, A few trainees, trying it for the first time….. We retired to the ship, after all was tidied up, and a hot chocolate to put us to bed…