Well, last night we were greeted with a spectacular moon rise! After a good night’s sleep, day three beckoned us with grey, overcast and moody skies, threatening to release the liquid sunshine upon us. Chores were done, and breakfast was had.

Janna, Ash and the trainees set ashore at Honeymoon Bay on Moturoa Island, for an epic walk around the entire island. Much fun was had, walking through the bush, along the beaches. A lot of slipping over and sliding down hills was had, as the liquid sunshine had already drenched the tracks and made them sodden, and very slippery. But still a lot of fun was had! Back on the ship, and a few trainees braved the chilly waters and went swimming, playing around in Little Tuc, and also seeing how high they could jump off the the rat boards in the rigging.

After a hot lunch of vege soup and cheese scones, we set off in the tender, towing behind us Little Tuc. We set off to what we claimed as our island, which is only visible at extreme low tides, for our 2013 R. Tucker Thompson Island Games!! We headed over and off in the distance, and coming closer were a pod of massive bottlenose dolphins, this brought great excitement to all on the tender!

We arrived on our little island, and played a range of games, from Tug of War, Egg and Spoon Races, Shoe Throwing  and Little Tuc rowing races!

As we set off back to the ship, the rain had set in, and when we arrived back on the ship, everyone looked a little soggy… But still spirits were high, and some trainees once again braved the water, and went for ANOTHER swim! Others helped down in the galley with Kylie and Ash, baking Peanut Butter Cookies, and Afghans!

We are currently spending another night tucked up nice and safely in Pipi Bay.

The trainees are busy in the saloon as they are being taught and fed a load of lessons, which hopefully will stick in their brains… From what I believe, I think we are planning on going on a bit of an adventure tomorrow, but we shall see what happens…


Everyone is enjoying themselves and are all in great spirits, theres been no mention of missing home or cell phones or Facebook yet, so they must be enjoying themselves!!