Jelly and ice cream success! We all had an amazing dinner of snapper and lamb chops with Jelly, ice cream and bread and butter pudding made by Leon and Mita as part of the pudding challenge.

It was then time to announce points for the day with Jaelyn receiving most for being an excellent crew member, by taking the initiative and helping out. Christine and Zoe also scored with the most tidy bunks.
All trainees are getting into the swing of things now and are leaping at all the opportunities available and keen to make full use of their time on board.

It was early to bed for everyone last night and anchor watch passed with no problems.

There was a rush in the morning for the first team in the water. Some trainees trying to get a head start were in the water first, however, they then had to get their team member up, and in, which proved more of a problem.
In the end Otamatea came first followed by Opononi, Pompallier, Kaitaia, Dargaville and Whangaroa. Well done Otamatea!

The wind had dropped and the sun was out and morning chores were done in record time. With breakfast dishes finished we set all sails and headed for Mimiwhangata.
All the trainees really enjoyed seeing the ship sail for the first time. The wind picked up and it wasn’t long before water was coming through the scuppers, to the delight and squeals of everyone. The big question on everyone’s lips was was the ship going to tip over??? After a bit of fun by the crew, all fears were put aside and Rob set about teaching everyone some knots for the knot competition.

Leon was the first trainee along the yards to unfurl the topsil’s and Zoe along with Annika, Nathan and Jessica took the helm and sailed the ship to Mimiwhangata. The swell had disappeared and the journey was enjoyed by all with no sign of anyone getting seasick.

Once anchored we enjoyed homemade pizza for lunch and then it was time for some fun. Snorkeling gear was prepared and most trainees headed out on the dinghy. Leon and Ngature went for a row together whilst Zoe and Annick practiced their monkeys fists.

After hot showers and hot chocolate it was onto a quick lesson on Tides before the great baggy wrinkle competition!
After a few false starts and a rematch Kaitaia came first, Pompallier a close second and Opononi and Whangaroa were runners up.

Spirits are high and everyone has had a great day.

The latest reports are that Jaelyn and Dahna are preparing Black forest self saucing pudding as part of the pudding competition. How will it compare to the homemade Jelly and bread and butter pudding????