such a good day aboard the good ship!!!!!
waking up for swim time at whale bay, it was Cruz and Seyerus first team in the water!!!! We have visited the very renowned Te Taniwha Cave, for a bit of a swim in the dark, only to be reborn out into the emerald deep green sea.. Thanks to Quinn for encouraging those who needed a bit of help to get through…..

We made our way to Deep water Cove for the afternoon, for a bit of Baggywrinkle challenges, Lil Tuc rowing, snorkelling on white reef, and the eating of the most fantastic bread from the Taipa boys, Drew and Quinn…
The scores so far for the competition are as follows:
Kaitaia 10
Huanui 16
Pompellier 8
Taipa 9
Otamatea 14
Bream Bay 11
the week is still young, and there are quite a few more challenges to come, so we will keep you in the know how it goes…
tonite we are staying at Oke Bay.
>>>  thanks for all the supportive messages from teachers and family,, everyone is having a great time and getting on really well…. the notes from ‘land’ are well recieved