Day three already! – We awoke at 0700 this morning to the ringing of the bell, that is soon going to be very well known to all aboard. Morning swim, and chores were all completed within record time this morning and everyones hard work with the chores, left our Good Ship sparkling from bow to stern!!

Breaky was woffled down as everyone was keen to get underway and head out of the Bay of Islands, and out around Cape Brett, so we all got to work planning our passage and how long it would take us to get there and all that is assosciated with passage planning! So with our passage plan set, and jobs allocated for all sail trainees, we lifted anchor, and headed off on our journey.

We soon had our six sails set, and Mathew and Ash were our helms people for today, heading out and along to Cape Brett, we struck a massive 8.9 knots!!! – Woohoo!! – What awesome sailing it was too! We encouted a few squalls along the way also. Everyone was in good spirits, despite a few that were feeling a wee tad green around the gills, but other than that, life was good on the Tucker. We arrived at Cape Brett and the Hole In The Rock, and there was a bit of a swell running, so it made things interesting. The tender was lowered and Richard and Nik set to taking trainees through the hole, and back to our ship. We left there and headed off to a bay which is where we had a wicked lunch of mac n cheese and Nik and a couple of the boys’ set off for a dive, and returned with some massive crays!!! πŸ˜€ – Photos, will be up once again when we get back into the bay asap.

Right now, we are steaming off towards Whangamumu Bay for tonight, and will update you all of our wicked adventures from our excursion tomorrow! – I am sure everyone is looking forward to it! – Will update you all when we are back in the bay! πŸ™‚