Kiaora koutou. It was a still night in Paroa Bay last night. We all got up early this morning to see the dolphins swimming around the ship. By the time the sun had risen enough for our morning swim, they had gone, but there was no hesitation to get in the water, despite the chill. Everyone has learned to get straight in, and not linger in the cold morning air, then the hot shower is your reward. This morning it was Kylie and Cassy first in.

We have had a few tries at catching some fish today, but to no avail. Plenty of small ones, and a few snags. Tim was the only one to pull in a legal trevally. Rob, Cassy and Mandy made the most amazing pizzas for our lunch. So we upped anchor, and set sail out into the bay. A slight 10-15 knots pushing us out towards Moturua.

It was here that we had ‘the episode’ of Barry’s rash shirt blowing off the washing line, and into the sea. Down came the sails, and up the rig went Wayne and William, trying to spot it. Eventually, on the retrieval of the rashie, Barry’s hat flew off his head, and into the sea!!! So round we went again!!! and again, the slight breeze making it quite tricky to get the hat back onboard. With some helpful instructions from Clayton…..
So, with all intact, off we go, to Moturua, where a walk around the island is planned. Time to stretch the legs and get the blood pumping. We are staying at Army Bay tonite..