The wake up at Oke bay was spectacular, with the promise of a peanut slab for first in the water for the morning swim, was enough for 3 of the trainees to wake up pre 7am don their togs and wait for the call of the captain that the pool was open… Wiremu took the chocolate prize, and well deserved. After breakfast we weighed anchor, and steamed out of the bay, set a few sails, passed Cape Brett, Piercy Island, Hole in the Rock, and headed into the famous Outu Bay, home of crayfish rock. Whilst underway, Raa, Marc and Wiremu found their inner monkey and scrambled up the shrouds to the cross trees on the forward mast, where they enjoyed the magnificent scenery of the coastline south of Brett.
When the anchor was set in Outu, the fishing lines went in the water, and within 2 minutes levi was pulling in the first of 4 huge kahawai. A bunch of trainees geared up and went in for a dive, to try and find the elusive crayfish, not no avail. But anyway, we got some juicy kina, and had a good look around some sea caves.
After a big tidy up onboard, the rain began to set in, and we all scarpered down below for a magic lunch, and a quick few lessons on fishing regs, and hypothermia.
Steve decided we should go to the beach and have a campfire dinner. Everyone jumped at the chance to stretch their legs, climb some trees, and before too long a huge fire was built, and marsha arrived with a mega feast for all, to be cooked upon the embers. A few songs from uncle Steve, and a quick game of spotlight, tired everyone out, so we returned to our good ship, and crawled into our bunks for an early night sleep…
A great day, once again, the weather has been semi good to us, despite the rain, and lack of wind, everyone is is high spirits… off to the Poor Knights tomorrow, bright and early….