Kiaora koutou!! It’s been a hilarious day on board today, with some fierce competition and some excellent teamwork being shown amongst the groups.

The talk of points to be had for first in the water in the morning and first team to swim around the ship was too much for everyone; and at the wee hours of the morning (5am!), most of the trainees donned their togs and took sleeping bags up on deck, just in case Uncle steve decided to ring the bell early…. oblivious to Steve… who sleeps quite deeply, and has a built in body clock for 7am sharp!!

The dawn came in and the bell was rung, and the mayhem of everyone jumping in the drink, then on the mad swim around, bringing the Bream Bay boys back on board first. Points for first team in the water went to Ellie and Shanee  from Kaitaia.

Otamatea team came out best in the rowing ‘Lil Tuc’ around the ship comp, as well as the blindfolded race around the ship, including the bowsprit, done of course while at anchor!

Melanie and Tamara gifted us with some fantastic home made bread. Everyone is getting aquainted with a few knots, and climbing aloft on such a fine day has been a pleasure.

We had a wee spell at Black Rocks this afternoon, Quinn and Ellie went for a dive with Nick, bringing back a few mussels and kina. All the rest of the gang tried their luck at fishing, to no great avail, 1 blue maumau and a koheru were the lot for us…..

We have set our anchor in the mud of Whale Bay for the night, and after everyone felt the chill of the water this morning, there have been a few reluctant ‘do we have to swim around the ship tomorrow’’. We will see……

So far, Brent and Bianca from Otamatea are leading the competition, their refined stratergy for every task quite admirable.