Well the southwesterly still blows strong today! Our wake up and early swim had fearless Harmony in for a dip first, claiming the peanut slab promised for first in the water. The rest of the gang followed with shrills of invigoration and following surprise when we found the water left our skin tingling.
After cleaning up the ship, and breakfast, a quick lesson on saftey at sea, we weighed anchor and hoisted the mains’l, the fore s’l and the inner jib, heading out to the Black Rocks for a chance to dive for kaimoana and try to catch a fish. The wind was strong and consistant and chillllllly!

The trainees finding their feet and learning the ropes, getting a flow sorted for the jobs at hand to keep our Good Ship sailing.Tacking, and jibing, setting and striking, ease the sheets, ‘ready about’, drop the anchor, ready the dingy, Phew!!! Think we are ready for a hot chocolate and some famous Tucker chocolate brownie, yum.
Over half of the trainees went out for a dive with rob and marsha, hannah proving the best at the bombs, with kete full of sweet kina and juicy mussels, they returned ready for hot showers. Stevo caught the first keeper, a beauty kahawai, and shaun to follow with another kahawai, then a trevally, and kylie a trevally too. A lot of smaller fish came onboard aswell, but had to be returned because they were too little.
Taylor and Kurtis went for a awesome climb up the rig, and kurtis went a wee bit higher than yesterday, pushing himself past his limits.A great thing to see.
As the day progressed, and the wind died out, stevo decided we would anchor up for the night in the shelter of Moturoa Island. We all went ashore to the beach on the eastern side and stretched our legs and refresh our spirits on terra firma. Marcellus, Shaun and Stanley rowed ‘Lil Tuk’ into the beach, laughing and arguing all the way.
Thanks again to marsha for a wholesome dinner, and jane, our executive trustee, for the amazing cauliflowers from her garden.
Everyone is pretty knackered, and bellys full, Rob is going into the saloon to with a stack of voyage journals for every one to fill out for todays events, and I’d say it will be early to bed tonite…