There was a stirring aboard this morning, pre 7am.. all of the trainees were up and ready for their swim, stars still shining and the morning colours only just breaking through. We slept last nite, anchored in Jacks bay, calm seas and cold southerlys.
After our morning swim, chores and breakfast, the trainees took their time in the sun to orientate themselves with the ship, climbing aloft and out on the bowsprit, aaron, loki, aidyn and josiah got the best seats in the house up on the upper topsail yard. We went through some line handling skills then got into setting the main sail ready for trip out in to the bay. After we set the main sail, our toilet had a wee mishap, so Captain miss sophie had a job to do to fix it. Whilst she was doing this, the newly dubbed ‘water rats’ Loki, Aidyn, Josiah, Brianna and William, had another swim, swing off the rope swing and morning play in the water. The sun was shining and a pod of dolphins could be seen in the far distance jumping out of the water and feeding out in the bay.
We weighed anchor mid morning and set sail in a light south easterly. Once out of the shelter of jacks bay, a steady ocean swell came through, upsetting the tummys of a few of the trainees. Leah and Aidyn spent most of the time up at the cross trees on the forward mast, riding it out, and came down, a bit green around the edges. Good on them for hanging in there!!
After a lovely sail and a few more dolphins coming through, we anchored up in waewaetorea.. We had a delicious lunch of creamy bacon cabonara, then rob and tyrone took everyone to the beach for a frolick on the land. A great walk to the top of the world, overlooking the southern parts of the bay of islands, and the rough waters that we were protected from. Returning to the ship, and ANOTHER swim was had, nearly everyone went in, whilst Summer, Josiah, Loki and Aidyn went for a snorkel by the rocks, to collect some kina.
The sun was getting quite low by now, so we weighed anchor again, and headed off to our overnite anchorage. Underway, afternoon tea consisted of the famous coconut chocolate brownie, and hot choccys to warm everyone up.
We are anchored at Kahuwhera point, just out from Paroa bay. It’s calm, and the smell of an awesome dinner ruminates the ship.