Greetings from the good ship to thy land lubbers…… 7am sharp our trainee crew were buzzing with excitement with their 1st refreshing mineral spa of the voyage. To everyone’s surprise the water was not as cold as anticipated!!  Woooooohoooooo summer is not far away whanau, so after our quick dip and shower was straight into duties, scrubbing the ship like true sailor.

Once duties were done and dusted breakfast was served then it was straight into a couple of lessons on weather , latitude, longditude and navigation. With that knowledge the trainees created a passage plan to pick up Vinny our newest trainee from Paihia. Whilst we were underway Brenna and Bonnie spent their time taking in the view from aloft.

With Vinny on board we headed to a sheltered bay for lunch, a spot of fishing and a snorkel Puketotara and Quintin spied a grand daddy Conger eel guarding the entrance to his home.
Kina and mussels for afternoon tea then a short trip to Whale bay were we are anchored for the night. We have spaghetti bolognaise for tea and Custard for desert.

Some of our sail trainees are sponsored by Lodge Kororareka and we are proudly flying their penant this voyage, featuring a Korora or Blue Penguin in the background.

Spirits are high……