Kia ora te Whanau , the fourth day of our voyage and our trainees have become acclimatized to the morning swim, they awoke sometime before 0600 and were champing at the bit to get in the water. It is amazing what the reward of a chocolate slab can do.!! William was the first in the water so he won the prize.

After a hearty breakfast, we set sail out to sea and prepared our dropline with whole Piper and Koheru from yesterdays baitnetting excursion. Captain Steve took us to a ‘secret spot’ out deep to try for a Kingfish or a Hapuka, so we set the dropline and sailed into Deepwater Cove for some lunch and a dive. The dive was amazing, with a swim through a tunnel/cave and heaps of fish were seen. Clayton and Tim got up close and personal with some Sanddaggers Parrot fish, Leatherjackets and Wrasse feeding from their hands. Everyone enjoyed the dive.

It was now about 4.00 pm, so time to check the dropline, but again no luck, so we dragged some lures behind us and caught two Kingfish, sadly just undersize. So it was back to Deepwater Cove and Curried sausages for dinner!!! Maybe Tangaroa will be more generous tomorrow.