Avast there all ye landlubbers, hove to and cast an ear towards today’s story of adventure aboard the good ship R. Tucker Thompson. Our scurvy crew, once again, washed the sleep from their eyes with a early morning dip in ol’ briny. It has now become a race to see who is first.

The morning forecast predicted heavy weather coming, so Captain Steve gave the order to go out and explore Deep Water Cove. It didn’t take long and the dinghy was full of rubber suited, webfooted adventurers, off to discover the treasures of Tangaroa’s playground.

We were greeted with clear water, fish life everywhere, with 15 different species found. A Porcupine fish, blown up like a ball, had everyone laughing, and a large Eagle ray had trainees swimming away in all directions. Rozlyn and a Sanddaggers Parrot fish became friends with her stroking it many times. A call of Shark !! had everyone on edge, but soon turned out to be a pod of dolphins that swam close by. So, with an awesome dive over we returned to the ship to ‘crack some mean bombs’ off the ships rigging. Jontie, Rupert, Raven and Ollie are jumping higher and higher everyday.

A quick lunch and the order to ready the ship for a sail was given and our now sea hardened seasoned navigators chose the destination and put forward the courses to steer. Like a well oiled machine, our sailors sprung into action raising sails, sweating,tailing,coiling, working like a team, helping each other. This made for a great sail out into the bay, and back to Moturua island. Once there our new spiderwoman, Shayna, scaled the rig and set to furling the topsails.
With dinner over, the ropes are out and knot tying, is dessert…..