Kia ora Whanau. We awoke this morning to a blue sky and a fair breeze , the trainees are now acclimatized to the cool mineral spa we take every morning with Kowhai, once again, leading the charge. After the ship’s chores were completed and breakfast over, it was our new sailors turn to safely navigate the ship across the bay to Cape Brett and the Hole in the Rock (Piercy Island). The sail across the bay was enjoyed by all and they all took turns riding the bowsprit. Jennifer had a special surprise visit from her dad on his way to fish at Cape Brett.

We took turns boarding our dinghy and driving through the Hole in the Rock and the Cathedral cave, there was a reasonable swell and it was quite exciting. With that adventure over, it was off to find some fish. Captain Steve put us on a hotspot and soon we had some nice snapper coming aboard, Zara and Marino caught some nice fish. We now had fish, so it was off to another spot for a dive, Our divers braved the water and came back with a sack of kina and four nice crayfish, Yummo!! Seafood smorgaboard coming up. At days end, our trainees are playing charades, laughing and joking, a great day!!