What a successful, eventful day we’ve had today!
We slept in! To 0650! Doing good guys! The sun was out, but the wind was still making itself known.
All the morning rituals completed, we were able to squeeze in a knot tying lesson before breakfast. Once dishes were finished, we completed some ‘test your knowledge’ questions and a nutrition lesson.
We made a passage plan for Waewaetoria to explore the Taniwha cave and try our luck at swimming through. Ocean took the lead, and got an anchor team together and got the anchor catted in no time!
A short trip from Army Bay, we were greeted b y a family of dolphins, jumping and playing around the ship for a good 2 hours.
Once in the cave, Kohatu, Ocean, Corrinna, Jordan G and Tamatoa started jumping off the rocks, snorkelling, gathering and eating kina and loving every bit of it! Until it got cold.
After a yummy lunch, courageous Corrinna, braved the lower tops’l yard with help from Jordan C, Harmony, Ocean, Jordan G and crew member Nate, where she 100% earned her turk’s head bracelet. Well done Corrinna, everyone is so proud of you!
Now we are headed off to Oke Bay after a quick phone overboard recovery mission (successful) where we will try our hand at fishing!