A fine day was had aboard the good ship R Tucker Thompson as we had our first full day on our first youth voyage of the season.
A brisk and refreshing swim call was had by all this morning at 0700 followed by morning duties that everyone partakes in. One group stayed on deck with Wayne and did a deck wash then a polish of all the brass. Below decks Tim led the second group in sweeping and mopping the floor, and cleaning the head (toilet).
The first few lessons of the day were conducted once the cleaning and brass supplies were stowed away. There were lessons on latitude and longitude, chart plotting and weather.
Tim led a bio security lesson before we set off on our first shore excursion where they spotted a little female Tit, lots of Tui and a good 45 minute hike around Urupukapuka. We finished up at Whangapou Pa where we pulled some wattle trees to assist with the clearance of the Pa!
Once back onboard, Wayne, Kauri, Quentin, Lyse and Jade upped anchor and motored towards Deep Water Cove. The trainees relayed to each other who had what duties, and the positions were quickly filled. Ezra took helm after Claudia steered us from the Paradise anchorage, then she took up relaying chart positions on the electronic chart plotter, while Thomas was confirming on the paper chart. On the way we saw some penguins!!
After an hour of motoring, we arrived at Deep Water Cove. The dinghy was launched and we assisted the recovery of the Marine Reserve by extracting a sack of kina! We are now all well fed after a hearty meal, last of the lessons done for the day, log books filled out, ready for our next adventure filled day!
This morning after morning swim and chores, the trainees had a few lessons in beacons and buoys, tides and then a lengthy discussion on our passage to Whangamumumu with a pit stop in Karerarera Bay for a dive and a fish! After lunch we will head off around the Cape where reception is not so grand, but we will be sure to be in touch as soon as possible!! Everyone on board is all smiles and can’t wait to go swimming, diving, fishing and hopefully a sail!! Avast! Dolphins have been spotted off the port bow!