Good day land lubbers from thy good ship, a little bit of swell as we past Tapeka heading towards the shelter of Motuarohia where our trainees learned the lines, before turning off the engine to drift while we feasted to our hearts content.

After Nate’s macaroni & cheese was consumed and dishes where completed we then proceeded to familiarise the trainees with raising sails and general orientation of the ship. As we motor-sailed towards Whale bay we practiced in our M.O.B and abandon ship drills. It was particularly difficult retrieving Wilson the volley ball and buoyancy aids due to the 6 or so dolphins stealing the trainees’ attention at crucial parts of the drill but none the less Wilson was retrieved unharmed.

We are anchored up in whale bay for the evening trainees have settled well; as I write this blog there is a pizza making contest in progress. Tune in tomorrow whanau 🙂

p.s guess what we’re having for dinner……
day 1